The Science behind „Dog is Love“, Prof. Dr. Clive Wynne (In English)


By  Prof.Dr. Clive Wynne

Duration: 1:25 hrs

  • Webinar
  • PDF Handout
  • Certificate of Attendance

Organization CEUs:

  • Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer (IBH e.V.)
  • Pet Professional Guild (PPG) 2 CEUs
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) 2 CEUs
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As Clive Wynne welcomed Xephos, a black dog, into his home, Wynne arrived at a startling conclusion: dogs are perfect companions because they actually have the ability to love. This capacity for affection is confirmed by cutting-edge research that shows how dogs’ brains, hormones, and even heartbeats reflect love for their special humans. What’s more, scientists have pinpointed the genetic mutation that gave dogs the ability to feel love in the first place. These findings force us to rethink our basic assumptions about dogs’ evolution and psychology. Perhaps most importantly, they offer powerful new clues for how we should care for our canine friends.

In this webinar, Clive presents the scientific results of his research, explains the different study designs and gives an overview about the newest findings.

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